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Claire Fontaine is a Paris-based collective artist, founded in 2004. After lifting her name from a popular brand of school notebooks, Claire Fontaine declared herself a “readymade artist” and began to elaborate a version of neo-conceptual art that often looks like other people’s work. Working in neon, video, sculpture, painting and text, her practice can be described as an ongoing interrogation of the political impotence and the crisis of singularity that seem to define contemporary art today..
But if the artist herself is the subjective equivalent of a urinal or a Brillo box – as displaced, deprived of its use value, and exchangeable as the products she makes – there is always the possibility of what she calls the “human strike.”


2018 | Dismantling the Scaffold | Spring Workshop | Central
2016 | Air de Paris at Art Basel 2016 | Air de Paris
2014 | if i can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution |Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery |Haverford College | Haverford
2014 | Polígrafa Obra Gráfica at Art Basel 2014 | Polígrafa Obra Gráfica
2013 | Polígrafa Obra Gráfica at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2013 | Polígrafa Obra Gráfica
2011| Air de Paris at Art Basel 2011 | Air de Paris

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Claire Fontaine is a Paris-based collective founded in 2004