Sonia Kallel


Photo: Gian Pierovecchi

IT2016 SONIA KALLEL.Mehdi Khemili500

Photos: Mehdi Khemili

“My work is the fruit of an experience that evolves over time, sometimes the idea comes directly as in writing. My interdisciplinary training opened the doors for me. The crossing of disciplines is a richness. From earth to sewing, from human relationship to graphics, from unconscious gestural repetition to a conceptualized algorithm …”


2018 | Cologne(de), COLLUMINA _ International Light Art Project
2017 | Tunis (tn) DREAMCITY _ Contemporary Art Biennial
2016 | Tunis (tn), INTERFERENCE _ International Light Art Project
2015 | Marseille (fr), La Friche la Belle de Mai
Since 2001 | Regular exhibition practice, mainly in Tunisia


1998-2003 | Paris (fr), Université Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Studies of Fine Arts, PhD
1997-1998 | Paris (fr), Université Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Studies of Fine Arts, MA
1993-1997 | Tunis (tn), Ecole des Beaux Arts de Tunis, Studies of Graphic Design, MA
1991-1993 | Toulouse (fr), Ecole supérieure des Industries de la Mode, Studies of Fashion Design, BA


Lives in Tunis (tn)
1973 | Born in Tunis (tn)