ART MATTERS // Artists’ Talk

May 15, 2017 // 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm // La Goulette, Synagogue

Houda Ghorbel, Niklas Grun and Wadi Mhiri will reflect on their intervention in the synagogue of La Goulette in dialogue with the curators Aymen Gharbi and Bettina Pelz. In juxtaposition with different approaches of artists around the world, the focus will be artistic research and development as well as intercultural and interreligious gaps. In addition, the Jewish artist Rafram Chadded Boaz and the light artist Hatem Ben Cheikh will join the conversation. Part of the discussion is the screening of the documentation that the Jewish director Margaux Fitoussi did in 2016 on the Jewish culture on Tunis titled “El Hara”.