Aymen Gharbi is artistic director of INTERFERENCE Tunis in tandem with Bettina Pelz since 2016.

Aymen Gharbi is an architect and a curator. In 2015, he founded the DOOLESHA project, a collective of urban activists to research and map the interplay of historic settings, ongoing urban developments, and the sociocultural tissue of the contemporary Medina. He headed projects like DOORA-FEL-HOUMA what is a sociocultural project to engage young locals in research and mediation of the present changes in the Medina. Presently, he is working on DOOR-WAHDEK, a webzine linking scientific and artistic research, critical review and intellectual debate in an online platform, an app, and a series of roundtables in the Medina. In 2016 and 2018, jointly with Bettina Pelz, he directed the International Light Art Project INTERFERENCE in the Medina of Tunis staging a dialogue of contemporary art and cultural heritage. In 2017 and 2019, jointly with Bettina Pelz, he directs the International Media Art Biennial SEE DJERBA in Houmt Souk (tn).


Since 2017 | Houmt Souk (tn), SEE DJERBA
Since 2016 | Tunis (tn), INTERFERENCE
2013 – 2015 | Tunis (tn) | National Institute Of Heritage (INP)


Since 2020 | Sousse (tn), Academy of Fine Arts, Teaching Field: Curatorial Practice
Since 2019 | Tunis (tn), TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS, Teaching Field: Moving Between Languages


2010 – 2013 | Sidi Bou Said (tn)| National School Of Architecture And Urbanism (ENAU)


Since 2010 | Tunis (tn), Medina | Home
1989 | Born in Djerba (tn)




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