INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project is part of COLLECTIF CREATIF.

COLLECTIF CREATIF has been founded with and by a collective of independent cultural projects in 2016. All the projects developed inspired by the Arab Spring. All of them are initiated and directed by transdisciplinary and transnational teams. All of them are learning environments to strengthen the impact of art and design in the development of a democratic culture in Tunisia. All of them aim to create new working and living settings for creatives in North-Africa.

All of them are home in the Medina of Tunis and developed along with their neighborhoods. Site-specific works, context-conditioned approaches and a broad variety of socio-cultural initiatives led to a diversity of strategies on local mediation.

All projects have developed communities that are associated with the guiding interest of each project:

>> Contemporary Art

INTERFERENCE (since 2016 biennial) International Light Art Project
SEE DJERBA (since 2017 biennial) International Media Art Project
CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB (since 2019) Lab for Media Art

>> Contemporary Design

EL WARCHA (since 2016) Participative Design Studio

>> Cultural Heritage

DOOLESHA (since 2016) Alternative guided tours
DOORA FEL HOUMA (since 2018) Participative guides’ project
DOOR WAHDEK (since 2019) Webzine and web-based guide

>> Participative Journalism

JOURNAL DE LA MEDINA (since 2016) Participatory newspaper






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