Dar El Jaziri was one of the residences of the Jaziri family, a wealthy family of landowners, between the 12th and 18th centuries, located on Tribunal Street. It is known for having hosted the second congress of the Neo-Destour party in 1937. Secret meetings were held in the grand yards of homes hidden from the occupation authorities.
Its history was the reason behind choosing it as a historical landmark devoted to poetry in 1992. The House of Poetry currently hosts meetings and competitions between poets, as well as a specialized library, which makes it the home of valuable cultural space.

The house has a very unique architectural structure. Its façade consists of a wooden sculpted door with a kadhel frame, surrounded by sandy stones. The house has two stories, the main courtyard with a well at its center and surrounded by a portico. The symmetry of the doors and windows, as well as the calm blue color in which their woods are painted, give a soothing and calming atmosphere to the courtyard.
In the halls, the beauty of the painted wooden ceilings is striking. The ceiling joists are adorned with Italian-style floral motifs, framing geometric elements of Moroccan-Andalusian origins.

But the most complex features are those that form the decoration of the square ceiling of the vault. Its center consists of a rectangular pattern, surrounded by flat strips with multiple flowers all over the surface.

Address: 29 Tribunal Street

Dar el Jaziri

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