Address: 24 rue du Tribunal, Tunis

Yukao Nagemi_Dar Lasram_IT18_photographed by_Brahim Guedich Alpha-3355
Photos: Wikipedia, Brahim Guediche

Dar Lasram, seat of the ASM, Association for the Safeguarding of the Medina Tunis, was built between 1812 and 1819. Until 1964, the palace was the property of the founder Hamouda Lasram and his descendants. The façade of the palace is very pure, and contrasts with the intra-mural space.

The intra-mural architectural, decorative and artistic richness of the space testifies to the passage of several schools, with a Maghrebian, Andalusian, Italian, the school of Tunis show a mix of styles in a harmonious and complementary way. Dar Lasram represents an architectural challenge, at the time, in rivalry with the Bardo Palace during the great restoration of the 18th century.




La Médina de Tunis – Alexandre Roubtzoff – Collection Regard Dunes Edition

Dar Lasram

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