Address: 16 rue El Mebazaâ

Coordinate: 36.795°N 10.1743°E


Dar Othman (دار عثمان)  Dey is a Tunisian monument, an ancient palace of Othman Dey, located at number 16 bis of Al Mebazaâ street, in the southern part of the medina of Tunis.

Built for the personal use of Othmane Dey, under his reign between 1594 and 1610, Dar Othman is a listed monument since 1936. The palace has undergone several transformations, the most important of which is its adaptation as a military storehouse/warehouse in the 19th century.

The monument is characterised by its bueatiful garden and it’s one of the rare palces that has a green patio. Today it is the proprety of the state and it hostes the archives of national institution of heritage. For a long Time it has being the head quarter of the concervation of the Medina; a department of the INP.

Link and References

Palais et demeurs de Tunis – Jaques REVAULT – p93


Dar Othman

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