Farook Sfaxi is a graphic designer, illustrator and visual art lover

Curatorial Statement:

“Curatorial work is the closest to where the magic happen and where the stories can be told. It’s a work in the shadows that brings to light the art to public. Art can connect people, expose issues or be the celebration of a heritage and a renewal of a collective memory. Curatorial work orchestrates all of that and magnifies it.”

Contemporary art in context, in public spaces, and out of the museum and galleries, offers a different dynamic and a different language it’s a different battle making art open to a wider audience more diverse and out of the usual cultural elite. The importance of such a fact came after the experience of being a site guide during the first edition of “Interference light art project” in 2016.

Formation and Professional Experience :

Farouk Sfaxi has a background of graphic design studies both as practice (licence fondamentale Deign Image, 2013) and theory after a research master degree in ESSTED. (2015)

In the Past 3 years (2017-2019) he worked as a creative for Comic Con Tunisia. He was charged with different tasks mainly as a graphic designer promoting the event, but also managing the “artist alley” witch is a space hosting different illustrators and comic book artist.

Previously was active as a member of JET and association working on Japanese culture in Tunisia, worked specifically on workshops for “manga” illustration and organized the exhibition “Manga-do”.


Based in Ariana, tn

Born April, 29th, 1991 in Tunis, tn

Photo :

Credits : Salma Boukhili at Café Culturel Liber’Thé. Minassa Battle #1 : Life is a Pitch- Finale



Farook Sfaxi

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