INTERFERENCE AL MADRASA is a learning environment to deepen knowledge and to improve competences of exhibition-making, engaging with public space, and working in cultural heritage environments in the Medina of Tunis and beyond. INTERFERENCE AL MADRASA provides the community with opportunities to learn and to improve skills and competencies that are helpful to understand how the INTERFERENCE organism works, they explain what the leading ideas behind its mode of proceeding and processing, and they focus on collective forms of working _ onsite and online.

INTERFERENCE AL MADRASA is organized by members of the community and all formats are developed along with the needs of curatorial care, technical and media production as well as local and art mediation.

1 // There are workshops open to all members of the INTERFERENCE community, some of them are obligatory for new members.


Under the roof of INTERFERENCE AL MADRASA, we arrange as well co-working sessions where all members of the community meet to train each other, to share tasks, and to address issues.

2 // There are co-working sessions open to all to get tasks done, and to solve problems collectively.


In addition to the SPRINTS, we host SALONS to discuss the contexts of our work and to further collective position building.

3 // There are open spaces for mind-stretching, critical thinking, and collective opinion-building.


The SPRINTS and SALONS will be set-up along with the needs of the exhibition-making. All info will be published here.


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