Choosing the curatorial for me was more of a challenge because as a law student I never get the opportunity to open myself up to everything related to arts and to this artistic world,  and thanks to  INTERFERENCE and the curatorial collective, I finally got the chance to not only learn new things but also get out of my comfort zone because I’m working on something completely ” out of my league ” as some people would say, and I’m really proud to say that despite my educational background I managed to adapt myself and to be an effective curator in this collective.

I also believe that being a curator gives me the chance to directly interact with artists so that I can do my best to understand their perspectives in order to come up with meaningful and unique exhibitions related to the whole theme and purpose of the festival in order to enhance the authentic and unique aspect of INTERFERENCE.

It’s also important for me to add that being part of the festival is a great opportunity to make an actual contribution to society and also a chance to change other people’s skeptical opinions about everything related to arts and prove to them that ” Art is actually a weapon for social change”. Because chosen artworks are mostly updated to world issues and that’s one of the things that make “the curatorial” special because we try to create a certain connection between the artwork and the audience who are pushed not only into critical thinking but also into discussions and debates about the artwork.


2018 – 2021 | |  Public law studies |  Faculty of legal, political, and social sciences of Tunis.


Lives in

1999 | Born in


Khawla Hammami

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