Khira Aloulou is based in Tunisia and currently a Research Masters student in ESSTED Tunis. She joined the INTERFERENCE team in November 2020 and is learning her way through being an Art Mediator.

“Each artwork we encounter in our lives aims to leave a certain trace that immortalizes it within our souls. Through its unique experience, INTERFERENCE, does not just impact you and your perception of Art but also pulls you into its realms and turns you into Artwork yourself. You do not perceive the Art anymore; you are it. I joined the INTERFERENCE team as an Art Mediator to be the link that helps join the audience with the Artwork.”


Since 2020 | | Research Masters in Design at ESSTED
2017-2020 | | Product Design at ISAMS | Bachelor


living across Tunisia
1998 | born


Sarah Laajimi

Khira Aloulou

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Art Mediators

The YOUNG MASTERS`Exhibition is planned for December 2020, but might shift schedule due to the Corona restrictions. We still will start with the preparations. If you are interested in being part of YMP’s Art Mediators team, please fill the following form and add your CV


For the YOUNG MASTERS’ Exhibition, we are looking art mediators!

6 November 2020


For all young artists who are interested in light and media-based art in public space, INTERFERENCE 2020 is launching the YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM.

DEADLINE 20 October 2020

Please fill the following form and add your CV and some examples of existing works