This focus group meets upon agreement to prepare the workshop and training program.

//3 July 2020 | 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm TT
To be discussed:

_ IT Basic: Content, format, organization, communication, resources
_ IT Knowledge: Content, format, organization, communication, resources

_ SPRINTS: What are the next ones? How to organize them?

_ SALONS: What can be the theme of the first SALON?
Black Lives Matter / Racisms? _ who do we deal with that? How did the Coronavirus change the world? What are qualities of remote communication and co-operation as we have them in the Corona-coined times? LGBTQ+ / How to care for gender diversity?

_ Phase 2: program building? input? leading workshops?

_ MADRASA Collective: who to invite and to include? Advertisement for our focus working group?

//26 June 2020
To be discussed:

_ organization/coordination
_ reporting to IT Community
_ organization of sprints

_ what resources do we need? where to get them from?
_ job descriptions
_ budget development

Phase 1 (June to September 2020)
_ preparation IT Basics and IT Knowledge
_ preparation of the SALON on 25 July 2020

Phase 2 (October to December 2020)
_ program development

_ what can be our contribution to communication?



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