We hope that we can work next year with the Tunisian-German artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke.

Many works of Nadia Kaabi–Linke engage with surfaces. She comprehends a surface not as something flat and shallow, more like a profound and deep space. Thereby she works with different methods and materials, through which she tries to show the physical shape that usually operates in secrecy. With regards to the content of her works, structures, geopolitical issues and humans are found in most of her works.

Nadia Kaabi–Linke: Flying Carpets. Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum NYC.us 2011.Photo:Thomas Brown.

“The comment point of my work is the idea of layering, meaning history. I always try to understand the now through the past. In general, my work has a strong link through migration and question of immigration because it tells the story of my life.” YouTube, Nadia Kaabi–Linke Guggenheim UBS Map


2020 | Amman.jo, Darat al Funun–The Khalid Shoman Foundation

2018 | Dubai.uae, Impossible Ordinary, Lawrie Shabibi Gallery

2017 | Bonn.de, Kunstmuseum Bonn

2016 | Kolkata.in, Experimenter Contemporary Art

2015 | Dallas.us, Dallas Contemporary
2014 | Berlin.de, permanent public artwork “Meinstein” on the Alfred-Scholz-Square
2014 | Lisbon.pt, Centro de Arte Moderna, Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian

2011 | New York.us, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


2008 | Paris.fr, Sorbonne, Degree: Ph.D.
1999 | Tunis.tn, Academy of Fine Arts, Degree: Diploma


Lives in Berlin.de
1978 | Born in Tunis.tn



Nadia Kaabi–Linke

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