Due to the uncertainties caused by the Corona crisis, INTERFERENCE Community shifts to a new format allowing a high degree of flexibility in response to the varying conditions of public space and of collective being. The new format follows the NO-C recommendations for public events after the Coronavirus hit: no crowds, no close contact, no contagion.

Beyond increasing the onsite activities, INTERFERENCE also expands its online activities: digital meetings, virtual talks and cybernetic interaction has coined the INTERFERENCE preparations and will alter the composition of the exhibition and the mediation program. While the onsite art experience is indispensable, artists’ talks, context information, and documentation can be provided online. Meet-ups, salons, and conferences can take place onsite and online. INTERFERENCE will share the digital push with its audience.

To continue international involvement with respect to travel restrictions, INTERFERENCE improves online cooperation and remote art production. To maintain international exchange, networking, and communication, new hybrid formats are explored. To pursue access to artwork, creative chats, and deepening debate in times of physical distancing, new channels and formats are opened.


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