Sarah Marie Schmidt

Sarah Marie Schmidt is a master’s student of integrated design influenced by theatre. At INTERFERENCE she is curatorial assistant.   CURATORIAL STATEMENT “The starting point of my artistic perception and my artistic work were film and theatre. This area is mainly about creating connections between image, text and the audience. At INTERFERENCE I now approach […]

Famkje Elgersma

CURATORIAL STATEMENT To create islands of connections between the flowing transitions of design, theatre and art in the wide ocean of creativity brought me to the curatorial work. I take the chance to immerse in this fascinating new world. FORMATION Since 2017 | | Integrated Design studies 2019 | | exchange | Time […]


The three Tunisian YOUNG MASTERS Aziz Aissaoui, Khouloud Benzarti, and Haifa Ouerfelli are on display at DAR LASRAM on 24 January 2020.

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