We are discussing with Soukaina Joual to participate this year.

Videos, performances, paintings, and installations are the mediums through which Soukaina Joual examines social issues of race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity.

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I’m no so innocent anymore 2015/2016. Photos: Bozica Babic.The Arab world as pieces of meat 2016. Holy Knives 2016.
Through her work, the artist brings to life her interest in how one’s body can translate and reflect various tensions, dynamics, and differences. Her main focus is on the body where she showcases it from different perspectives: its changes, its interaction with personal identity, and the opportunity to make it a site to engage in important ideological debates. The Moroccan artist uses the body to create a metaphor for society by exploiting its historical form with a modernist perspective.

2020 | Vienna.at, Fit’ri:na فيترينة – a festival behind glass
2019 | Leipzig.de, Forgotten Enlightenment HALLE 14
2019 | Tunis.tn, SEE DJERBA International Media Art Project
2018 | Rabat.mo, HERstory Le Cube Independent Art room
2017 | Rabat.mo, JF-JH EQUALITY L’appartement 22
2017 | Martil.mo, Naked Heads, L’Espace 150x 295 cm
2016 | Rabat.mo, HALAL Le Cube Independent Art Room
2015 | Rabat.mo, The inside/ L’Intérieur, Galerie de l’Institut Français
2015 | Marseille.fe, Open Studio, La Friche la Belle de Mai


2020 | Artists for Artists (AfA) Masterclass Program: Radical Care, Online
2019 | Alexandria.eg, MASS ALEXANDRIA, Studio and Study Program
2011 | Tetouan.mo, National Institute of Fine Arts, Diploma

Lives in Rabat.mo
1952 | born in Fez.mo



Soukaina Joual. سجن الوطن ولا حرية المنفى Jail in my native land to freedom in exile 2017. Photo: Walther Le Kon.

Soukaina Joual

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