For the first time, the YOUNG MASTERS’PROGRAM hosts a jury to select the participants for the YOUNG MASTERS’PROGRAM 2020. The jury is a mix of artists and curators, more and less experienced, local and international, all engaged to support emerging artists in Tunisia.

Members of the jury are

Imen Bahri (
Artist, Academic Teacher at Art Academy of Tunis / Sousse

Imen Bahri joins the INTERFERENCE activities for the first time.

Zuzanna Seweryna Dolega (
Artist, Academic Teacher at the Art Academy of Gdansk

Zuza Dolega has been participating in the media art biennial SEE DJERBA in Houmt Souk in 2019.

Aymen Gharbi (
Architect, Curator

Aymen Gharbi is the founder and director of INTERFERENCE in Tunis and SEE DJERBA in Houmt Souk, working jointly with Bettina Pelz since 2016.

Tom Groll (
Artist, Curator

Tom Groll has been participating as an artist in INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016 and SEE DJERBA Houmt Souk 2017.

Andrea Moeller (

Andrea Moeller is a productive support for INTERFERENCE and SEE DJERBA since 2016. Her YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM in Leeuwarden was the inspiration for the Tunis-based program.

Bettina Pelz ( /
Curator, Academic Teacher at the University of the Arts Bremen

Bettina Pelz is the founder and director of INTERFERENCE in Tunis and SEE DJERBA in Houmt Souk, working jointly with Aymen Gharbi since 2016. In addition, she directs the TASAWAR Curatorial Studios in Tunis since 2019.

Salma Kossemtini (

Salma Kossemtini is a member of the INTERFERENCE Curatorial Collective since 2016. Jointly with Aymen Gharbi and Bettina Pelz, she heads the YOUNG MASTERS’PROGRAM.

Assistant of the jury are
Famkje Elgersma ( / and Khawla Hammami
INTERFERENCE 2020 Curatorial Collective

Khawla Hammami is a member of the INTERFERENCE Community since 2018, and Famkje Elgersma is member of the INTERFERNCE Curatorial Collective since 2020.


YMP Jury

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Art Mediators

The YOUNG MASTERS`Exhibition is planned for December 2020, but might shift schedule due to the Corona restrictions. We still will start with the preparations. If you are interested in being part of YMP’s Art Mediators team, please fill the following form and add your CV


For the YOUNG MASTERS’ Exhibition, we are looking art mediators!

6 November 2020


For all young artists who are interested in light and media-based art in public space, INTERFERENCE 2020 is launching the YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM.

DEADLINE 20 October 2020

Please fill the following form and add your CV and some examples of existing works