Syrine Siala

Syrine Siala is an architect and curator based in Tunis. Focus of her present activities is the interplay of contemporary art, socio-cultural interventions and socio-economic impacts. Cultural management is as well part of her personal and future interest. Syrine is part of the core team of INTERFERENCE, International Light Art Project, in tunis and SEE […]

Salma Kossemtini

Salma Kossemtini is an interior designer and Junior curator. Her interest in contemporary art and their socio-cultural impact brought her to INTERFERENCE. In doing arts and curating, Salma takes her inspiration from observing social realities and from her experiences within her surroundings. Since 2016, Salma is part of the curatorial team of INTERFERENCE, where she […]

Khawla Hammami

Khawla Hammami is a public law student at the Faculty of legal, political, and social sciences of Tunis. She joined the INTERFERENCE community in 2018 where she worked in the GRAV studio as an art mediator.  She’s now part of the Curatorial community of INTERFERENCE 2020. Curatorial statement : “Choosing the curatorial for me was […]

Laura Peral

CURATORIAL STATEMENT Looking at light as art forms the basis of my work as a photo artist. The possibility to participate curatorially in this project broadens my view of thinking art in public space, accessible to all people far from evaluation criteria such as gender, cultural, social and intellectual origin. That is what art can […]

Farook Sfaxi

Farook Sfaxi is a graphic designer, illustrator and visual art lover Curatorial Statement: “Curatorial work is the closest to where the magic happen and where the stories can be told. It’s a work in the shadows that brings to light the art to public. Art can connect people, expose issues or be the celebration of […]

Janet Sebri

Janet Sebri is a Mechatronics Engineering student at the National Engineering School of Carthage-ENICarthage. She joined the Interference community in 2018 where she worked in the Cultural Heritage studio. In the 2020 edition, Janet has joined the Interference curatorial team. CURATORIAL STATEMENT: “INTERFERENCE introduced me to the opportunity for experience that art gives and taught […]

Sarah Marie Schmidt

Sarah Marie Schmidt is a master’s student of integrated design influenced by theatre. At INTERFERENCE she is curatorial assistant.   CURATORIAL STATEMENT “The starting point of my artistic perception and my artistic work were film and theatre. This area is mainly about creating connections between image, text and the audience. At INTERFERENCE I now approach […]

Famkje Elgersma

CURATORIAL STATEMENT To create islands of connections between the flowing transitions of design, theatre and art in the wide ocean of creativity brought me to the curatorial work. I take the chance to immerse in this fascinating new world. FORMATION Since 2017 | | Integrated Design studies 2019 | | exchange | Time […]

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For all young artists who are interested in light and media-based art in public space, INTERFERENCE 2020 is launching the YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM.

DEADLINE 20 October 2020

Please fill the following form and add your CV and some examples of existing works