October to December 2020: Series of workshops for artists and art mediators in Tunis Public Viewing: 11 to 12 December 2020 in Tunis   The YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM for artists features emerging artists while studying or in their early stages of professional being. YOUNG MASTERS are invited to develop and to produce an artwork that […]


ELECTRICAL DISORDER November to December 2020: Info, Artworks, Workshops Public Viewing: 13 November to 12 December 2020 In co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Tunis. ZINE Sebastien Farnaud: These microbes are being used to clean up toxic electronic waste. On: World Economic Forum Online. 24 August 2020. Vanessa Forti: Global electronic waste up 21% in five years, and […]

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For all young artists who are interested in light and media-based art in public space, INTERFERENCE 2020 is launching the YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM.

DEADLINE 20 October 2020

Please fill the following form and add your CV and some examples of existing works