Bettina Pelz is artistic director of INTERFERENCE Tunis in tandem with Aymen Gharbi.


Curatorial action is proactive. In research, production and discourse, a curator engenders a multitude of processes, all of which are characterized by an ongoing alteration of perspective. These processes are shaped by the continuous oscillation between referencing, reviewing, and reflecting: initiating, developing, positioning, producing, discussing, documenting are part of curatorial acting. The nucleus of a curatorial position is formed in the way of how these diverse stress fields are handled.

Working with a cynosure to light in fine arts, light itself proves to be a good mentor: Light is an effective force that manifests itself in dialogue with the world as an influence without appearing itself in the visual sphere. It is the nature of light to behave like a particle and a wave depending on the environment. Light can be material and medium, sometimes even at the same time. There is a multitude of spectrums of light that produce very different qualities. The range of the spectrum directs the design and shapes the qualities of a manifestation. The curatorial perspective focusing on light deepens scientific and technical knowledge of light, it adds to the research on light as the primordial medium of visual art, and it provides models and metaphors for relation and interaction driven curatorial action.


Over the last twenty years, the curatorial acting of Bettina Pelz is dedicated to art-in-context projects. Her transdisciplinary projects are hosted at art institutions and in public space, in postindustrial ensembles and cultural heritage environments. She has been the founding curators of several sustainable art projects in Europe and Africa. Internationally she has been involved in projects in Belgium, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Mali, Mexico, The Netherlands, North-Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South-Africa, Switzerland and Tunisia. In tandem with Aymen Gharbi, she directs INTERFERENCE and SEE DJERBA Houmt since 2016.


Since 2019, she directs the TASAWAR Curatorial Studios, a post-graduate study program on art-in-context on Tunisia, North-Africa and beyond.


2019 | Houmt, SEE DJERBA International Media Biennial
2019 | Sé, SEGOU YELEN International Light Art Project
2018 | Luedenscheid, LICHTROUTEN International Light Art Project
2018 |, INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project
2018 |, COLLUMINA International Light Art Project
2017 |, RESPONSIVE International Light Art Project


Since 1996 | Wetter/ | Studio Bettina Pelz
1993 – 1996 | | Sociocultural Center | Artistic Director
1989 – 1993 | | Sociocultural Center | Artistic Director


1985 – 1988 | | Studies of Philosophie and Social-Pedagogics, Degree: Diplom


Since 1988 | Ruhr | Home
1963 | Born in the “Münsterland”.de



Malika Hagemann

Bettina Pelz

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For all young artists who are interested in light and media-based art in public space, INTERFERENCE 2020 is launching the YOUNG MASTERS’ PROGRAM.

DEADLINE 20 October 2020

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